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A Haven for Anna fans

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1-900-Angel//Fans of Supernatural's Anna
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A haven for fans of Anna Milton/ the angel Anna on CW's Supernatural.


spn_anna is a community for those of us who are fans of the quirky angel radio-turned fallen angel, Anna Milton, on the CW's Supernatural. Currently maintained by alwaysenduphere, miss_faith_hope, and hearditbothways.

Rules are simple: Posts must relate to Anna or Julie McNiven in some way, and no bashing. Please be considerate about spoilers, large images, and fic headers. More info can be found here.

Affiliates: spn_castiel, supportsamruby, castielxanna, oursavinggrace, supernatural_es, spn_chuck, spn_lucifer, spn_angels, spn_uriel, spn_angelwings, spn_saywut. spn_angelcest. If you'd like to be affiliated with us, comment on any mod post. :)
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